David West has over 25 years retail management and consulting experience. He has worked in Local Government, with a Board of Management and with private enterprise including his own small business. David has provided advice and support for businesses and Councils in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States and United Kingdom. 

David started his mainstreet management career as the manager of Rundle Mall in the Adelaide CBD following ten years managing and marketing large regional shopping centres.  He has worked with mainstreets, towns and city centres all over Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, in addition to speaking at numerous mainstreet and town centre conferences.

He has applied his ‘hands-on’ management expertise and experience to mainstreets to improve the quality of the customer experience and the local business environment. David demonstrates practical techniques to improve and transform mainstreets through effective management and measurement. David tackles some of the hard issues like developing the business mix, delivering effective retail marketing campaigns and engaging business and property owners. Many of these techniques are included in his Mainstreet Management: Successful Retail Strategies book.

A summary of David’s mainstreet management/retail property experience:

  2012 – 2017 Conducted a Retail Review of Christchurch City Centre NZ

Developed a Retail Plan and Leasing Strategy for Fed Square Melbourne

Reviewed shopping centres and retailers for Charter Hall WA

Developed Retail Strategy for Queanbeyan NSW

Created/managed the City SA Magazine to promote Adelaide City retail offer

Developed a Retail Strategy for Jetty Road Glenelg

Developed the Adelaide City Retail Strategy 2015-2020

Implementation of the City Retail Strategy 2015 - 2017

2010 – 2012  Worked with Fremantle Council to form the Fremantle Business Improvement District

 Consulted for the UK Association of Town and City Management

 Worked in London and travelled to European Cities and high streets (12 months)

 Worked in the Heart of London office in a Business Engagement role

 2006 – 2010  Manager of Rundle Mall Adelaide

 Visited UK City Business Improvement Districts - London, Bristol, Manchester,

 Milton Keynes, Coventry, Edinburgh

 Set up the Rundle Mall Management Authority (area includes 1000 businesses)

 Speaker at Mainstreet Conferences about UK Business Improvement Districts

 Foundation member of Mainstreet SA (South Australia)

2003 – 2006  Formed Premier Retail Marketing to provide retail advice to Councils

 Provided retail advice to Cities, towns and streets across Australia & NZ

 Developed a City Retail Strategy for Parramatta NSW and Christchurch City NZ

 Visited USA City Business Districts and street management models

 Philadelphia City, Washington, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Norfolk

 Speaker at Mainstreet Conferences about USA Business Improvement Districts

  2000 – 2003  Manager of Rundle Mall Adelaide

 Working with an Advisory Committee of Council and retailers

 Initiated research into high street, mainstreet and town management

  1990 – 2000  Westfield Shopping Centres

 Marketing Manager/State Marketing Manager/Centre Manager