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"Great Main Streets don’t just happen.  David West helps us understand the critical importance of actively managing downtowns and neighbourhood commercial districts to create thriving places that will draw residents and visitors again and again. His insights and comprehensive management strategies – derived from years of experience in the retail industry -  offering a pathway for creating and maintaining healthy Main Streets in an era of rapid change for retail."

Patrice Frey, President and CEO, National Main Street Center, USA

"If you are looking for 25 years of knowledge, wisdom and learning about retailing, main streets and shopping strips in a 'One Stop Shop' then here it is. David is one of the few people who has worked for private businesses, big shopping centres, Local Government, small business and as a consultant. He has seen it all. Here he clearly and succinctly explains to you what are the keys to a successful place. If you are a Local Government, a Business Association, a motivated main street trader a consultant or student in Place Management, Economic Development or Retailing, then I recommend you read this book."  

Steve Bentley President Mainstreet Australia

Can mainstreets survive tough economic times?

David West says YES in this new book full of strategies!

Mainstreets and city centres are using effective management and marketing strategies to strike back and deliver successful outcomes for the community and themselves.Shopping centres have enjoyed unprecedented levels of success for more than 50 years. In some cases they have shifted the heart of the local community away from the mainstreet by offering thousands of free car parks, air conditioning and a pristine shopping environment. 

‘Mainstreet Management : Successful Retail Strategies’ describes my journey from successfully managing shopping centres and mainstreets and the lessons learnt along the way.  The book  includes practical information about managing mainstreets and city centres, and overcoming challenges created by diverse environments in addition to examples and case studies supported by practical and effective strategies that can be applied to mainstreets and city centres.

 Mainstreets and local businesses must be competitive to survive in this very dynamic retail world as we don’t want mainstreets to become just another traffic thoroughfare. Mainstreet managers, business district managers and government staff can take the lead for their local communities by adopting the best management practices available in the world today.In this book you will discover how to engage businesses, improve the business mix, effectively promote your mainstreet and deliver events. This book also demonstrates how to implement responsible governance processes and how to measure results and celebrate success.

"David has managed to achieve a really honest broker approach whilst keeping it personal, detailed and above all relevant and interesting! I think every Town Centre Manager, Business Improvement District employee and Council staff member should read it"

Sarah Porter, Chief Executive, Heart of London Business Alliance (2000 - 2016)

“For any city center facing strong out-of-town retail competition or the lure of internet shopping, David West’s Mainstreet Management is an essential, practical guide for elected officials, business leaders and main street managers. Drawing on the experience from diverse cities in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, West provides a hand-book for dealing with the practical problems of litter and crime, the challenges of getting merchants to work together, and how to fund marketing programs and high-profile events.  Not every strategy works for every place, but readers will find a wide range of recommendations for how to grow Main Street’s market share”.

Paul Levy, Executive Director, Philadelphia Center City District