Premier Retail Marketing was established in 2002 to provide retail advice to Councils, mainstreets and shopping centres in the areas of business mix development, marketing and best practice governance models.


David’s local knowledge and overseas experience means he can assess the success factors in your mainstreet and develop effective marketing and management strategies for your location.


PRM. can guide you through the complete retail project from on-site analysis and customer research to developing strategies and action plans that can be measured. The Principal consultant DAVID WEST has experience developing retail strategies for a range of locations including Adelaide, Christchurch, Fremantle, Mandurah and Mount Barker.


Understanding retail and business in a global context ensures the most relevant and best practice strategies are being applied on the local level even for the smallest Mainstreet or Town Centre. Implementing these strategies and actions can deliver long term outcomes for the benefit of local communities.


David West our principal consultant has worked with Councils across Australia and New Zealand. In addition he has worked in Local Government Economic Development to support and promote small businesses in Mainstreets and City Centres. He has developed many strategies from his experience as a shopping centre manager and advisor. He has experience in big cities such as London, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, as well as smaller towns, mainstreams and centres. 

PRM.  has delivered business and economic strategies that support small businesses as well as whole precincts. The extensive experience of our Principal Consultant saves you TIME and MONEY with his extensive understanding of the retail sector and the many ‘success factors’ that can be implemented to improve the performance of small retailers and businesses.

How can we help you?

Call DAVID today to discuss how he can help you develop a plan from the research stage through to an Action Plan with practical steps to achieve positive outcomes for your mainstreet, shopping centre or retail store.