Book David for your next conference, seminar or workshop. He is comfortable speaking in front of larger audiences and small groups of businesses talking about key issues such as 'developing the mainstreet business mix', 'place management or place making', 'best practice governance', 'how to engage retailers', 'retail marketing', 'reality retail', 'the key success factors for your mainstreet' or 'developing a Retail Strategy'.

David has written a book called Mainstreet Management:Successful Retail Strategies and it describes how mainstreets and City centres can adapt techniques used by shopping centres to increase customer numbers and retail sales. David can talk about the whole book or selected chapters.

David has spoken at many Conferences and events around the world including:

  • International Cities & Town Centres Conferences - Australia & New Zealand
  • Retail Entertainment Conference - Singapore & Hong Kong
  • Mainstreet Australia National Conferences - Australia & New Zealand
  • ATCM Summer School Liverpool - United Kingdom
  • Retail Marketing Full Day Workshop - Istanbul Turkey
  • New Zealand Town Centres Conferences - New Zealand
  • MainstreetSA Conferences - South Australia