Permitted Use Policy
Member Terms and Conditions
Premier Retail Marketing Pty Ltd is the legal owner of the Retail Adelaide City name and website hereafter known as the ‘SITE’.

Premier Retail Marketing will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the ‘SITE’ is available continuously, however we make no warranties or representations that your access will not be interrupted, secure, error free or timely. Your access may be suspended without notice in the circumstances of system failure, maintenance or any other reason beyond our control. We reserve the right to change or discontinue the service or any part thereof at any time. Premier Retail Marketing reserves the right to change any feature or service and the associated costs without providing notice to you.

To access some of the website features now and in the future, you must be a Member of Retail Adelaide City. Membership levels relate directly to the available features described on the Membership Levels and Benefits table. Please contact for further Membership details. Your Membership details are not to be transferred or used by another person and you are wholly responsible for all activities under your Membership details and keeping access details secure. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Membership if we believe you have breached the Permitted Use conditions or you are no longer an active Member and it is your responsibility to advise us of any changes to your Membership information.


3(a) This Permitted Use Policy applies to your use (as a Member) of the ‘SITE’ to display authorised retail and commercial property listings for lease. To upload retail or commercial properties listings for lease to the ‘SITE’ contact A Retail Adelaide City property listing template will be made available to Members.

3(b) This Permitted Use Policy forms part of your agreement with Premier Retail Marketing for use of the ‘SITE’.

3(c) Premier Retail Marketing may change all or part of this Permitted Use Policy for the ‘SITE’ from time to time. The new Conditions will be posted on the website and your subsequent or continued use of the ‘SITE’ constitutes your acceptance of those Conditions. If you object to any Conditions regarding use of the ‘SITE’ you should cease using the ‘SITE’ immediately.

3(d) Premier Retail Marketing reserves its rights to maintain the quality of content on by directing the user to modify content by making reasonable changes in the circumstances. The list of requirements and rules are described in this Permitted Use Policy. Premier Retail Marketing may direct Members to modify content in particular circumstances. Agents must be authorised to represent the property they have submitted for presentation on the ‘SITE’.

3(e) Premier Retail Marketing may interpret and apply the rules (Permitted Use) in a reasonable manner that is appropriate in the circumstances having regard to use of the ‘SITE’.


4(a) You must comply with the provisions of this Permitted Use Policy.

4(b) You must:
(i) only use the website for the purposes for which it is intended

(ii) only advertise properties within the Adelaide (postcode 5000) or North Adelaide (postcode 5006)

(iii) not use the website for any other purpose, including any purpose described as ‘NOT PERMITTED USE OF THE SITE’.

4(c) Premier Members must use the website in a responsible manner, taking into account the effects your use of the website may have on other users of the website.


5(a) It is acceptable to use the SITE for the bona fide listing of retail and commercial property for lease on behalf of the person entitled to offer the property for lease and in accordance with the terms of this Permitted Use Policy.

5(b) Agents can only list properties for which they have the appropriate agency agreement or authority from the property owner to sell as required under South Australian law. Member Property Owners can also list properties for lease.


6(a) the ‘SITE’ must not be used for illegal or unlawful activities that breach State or Federal Government legislation or regulation by yourself or by allowing another person to use the ‘SITE’;

6(b) the ‘SITE’ must not be used to display offensive, indecent, sexual, violent or abusive content in any form;

6(c) the ‘SITE’ must only display personal information or images with the express permission of that person;

6(d) the ‘SITE’ must not be used to exploit another person or company and must not violate intellectual property or the rights of other people and must not impersonate or falsely represent another person or company;

6(e) the ‘SITE’ must only be used for advertising retail, hospitality, professional service or commercial properties with an offer to lease the properties;

6(f) the ‘SITE’ is not to be used for advertising cars, boats, household items or general goods or services not related to the intent of the ‘SITE’;

6(g) only authorised Licensed Real Estate Leasing Agents or Property Owners are permitted to list Adelaide City properties within the postcode zones of 5000 and 5006 on the ‘SITE’;

6(h) the ‘SITE’ is not to be used to advertise businesses for sale;

6(i) the ‘SITE’ must not be used for spamming, junk, non-related advertising or other unsolicited transmissions;

6(j) it is not permitted to promote or advertise real estate agency services on the property listing pages but can form 10% or less of the content on the individual Premier Corporate Member page;

6(k) agents must have the authority from the property owner to list only genuine retail and commercial property listings for lease;

6(l) only paid up Members of Retail Adelaide City are permitted to submit retail or commercial property listings on the ‘SITE’. Membership levels include Premier Corporate, Premier Plus and Premier Prime and each level provides a range of benefits detailed on the Membership & Benefits document;

6(m) only information requested on the official Retail Adelaide City property listing template should be provided for inclusion on the ‘SITE’ and must be free of viruses, embedded codes and other content that may interfere with the service for users;

6(n)  individual property photographs must be supplied with the original template when listing the property. Quality photos are required to maintain the integrity of the ‘SITE’. Photographs should be free of watermarks, logos and text;

6(o) property listings will only be displayed on the ‘SITE’ in the appropriate Quarter and the Leasing Agents page if the Agent is a Premier Corporate Member. Other levels of Membership do not have access to a dedicated Agency listing page.

6(p) property address details must be accurate in every detail. The street number, street name, arcade location and the correct Quarter details must be included. (Refer to the Five Quarters Map to confirm the boundary streets for each of the North Adelaide, City West, City East, City South West and City South East Quarters – King William Street and Grote/Wakefield Street separate the City ‘Quarters’. It is important to follow these guidelines to maximise the customer experience when using the ‘SITE’ especially when listing a site on the dividing street of each Quarter;

6(q) management of property listings on the website will be at the discretion of Premier Retail Marketing. Premier Corporate Members can request the order of listings on their dedicated company page within the ‘SITE’;

6(r) photos and listings must not be misleading or deceptive in nature. The Member is responsible for the accuracy of listings provided and Premier Retail Marketing is not responsible for errors in information supplied by a third party;

6(s) Premier Members are not permitted to remove and re-list the same property in order for the listing to appear as a new listing;

6(t) Agents with an Agency Agreement as required by South Australian Legislation are permitted to list a property on the ‘SITE’ for lease. Agents must have an authority signed by the property owner or vendor. Only the primary agent has authority to make any changes to the status of the property when more than one agent has been appointed by the owner or vendor;

6(u) contact details and your company logo will be presented as per details contained in the Leasing Contacts details section included with your Premier Corporate, Premier Plus and Premier Prime Membership;

6(v) all authorised property listings should be directly related to the Licensed Leasing Agent or Property Owner (current Members of Retail Adelaide City) responsible for listing the site with the intention of a lease offer;

6(w) the ‘SITE’ is for valid use by Members only and ‘SITE’ contents or space cannot be resold or transferred to another party. Members must be the authorised to represent the lease of the listed property;

6(x) Premier Corporate Members also have access to a dedicated development page (cost is additional to annual Membership. The content should include photographs, visuals and tenancy availability details with all content to be approved by Premier Retail Marketing;

6(y) changing the availability status of properties listed on the ‘SITE’ is a critical part of the functionality of the ‘SITE’. Premier Retail Marketing must be advised within 2 working days when a property is ‘leased’. The ‘SITE’ will only display available properties for lease to maintain the integrity of the ‘SITE’. Changes to the property status will require the Agent or Property Owner to advise Premier Retail Marketing to ensure it is removed as soon as practically possible if the property has been leased;

6(z) ‘leased’ properties will be removed from the ‘SITE’ unless the Member is a Premier Corporate Member where a request can be submitted to move the listing to the individual Members web page on the ‘SITE’. Only the authorised Agent or Property Owner can change a property for lease listing;

6(aa) media content: Premier Corporate Members have the option of a short video on the Leasing contact web page filmed by Premier Retail Marketing at an additional cost. The video is a head shot of the Principal agent representing the Member Agency or Owner;


7(a) if you use the ‘SITE’ in way that breaches this Permitted Use Policy, you are in breach of a material obligation in your Agreement with us for your use of the ‘SITE’.

7(b) if the Permitted Use Policy is breached it may result in Premier Retail Marketing taking remedial action. Actions could include terminating Membership, removal of a property listing or taking any other necessary action to maintain the integrity of the ‘SITE’;

7(c) if you are in breach we will inform you in writing and you must take remedial action within 2 working days of us issuing the breach notice. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your Membership of Retail Adelaide City at any time if you have breached the Permitted Use Policy;

7(d) if Premier Retail Marketing suspends or removes a listing in breach of the Permitted Use Policy you remain liable to your obligation as a Member until the date of termination or expiration of your agreement with us.

7(e) you may immediately terminate your agreement with us if we exercise our right to suspend or temporarily remove your property listings for a period of 30 days or more.