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Premier Retail Marketing specialises in helping mainstreets, shopping centres, City centres and Councils to harness the collaborative strength of businesses and to implement world’s best practice management, mix development and marketing strategies for their retail area. 

“Retail is competitive! We can help you develop strategies to manage and market your retail space to attract customers and achieve successful outcomes for your mainstreet or retail precinct.


DIRECTOR - Premier Retail Marketing

Local and International Experience

  • David has over 30 years experience working in Mainstreets and City Centres
  • He provides retail advice for Councils, retailers, Mainstreets, City Centres and Shopping Centres
  • David has developed Retail Action Plans for Australian and New Zealand Councils
  • David has travelled to the UK and USA many times to learn from the best
    Experience working in London with key Business Districts
  • Current and founding Member of MainstreetSA and a Member of Mainstreet Australia


“Great Mainstreets don’t just happen.”  

David helps us understand the critical importance of actively managing Cities and mainstreet commercial districts to create thriving places that will draw residents and visitors again and again. His years of experience in the retail industry offers a pathway for creating and maintaining healthy Mainstreets in an era of rapid change for retail”  

Patrice Frey CEO & President of Mainstreet America

Successful Retail Strategies Book

Key Strategies

  • Improving the Customer Experience
  • Nurturing a compelling Business Mix
  • Marketing and promoting to attract more customers

Practical Advice

  • Mainstreet Management Advice
  • Marketing and Promotion Advice
  • Developing Business Mix and Long Term Plans


Each mainstreet and City centre around the world has its own unique character and strengths that attract customers and visitors and set them apart from competing centres.

Business Mix Development

The business mix of a Mainstreet or City Centre provides a unique point of difference that sets it apart from the competition. Attracting independent hospitality, retail and professional services requires a collaborative effort from property owners, leasing agents and Council to work towards a strategic plan to create an authentic offer for customers. The response post Covid will be critical in optimising opportunities and building sustainable mainstreets and centres.

How can we help?

David has worked with many countries and as a Council employee in economic development. He has also worked with both small and larger retailers in a range of business settings.

Whether you are an independent retailer, a chain of stores, a shopping centre or part of a council, Premier Retail Marketing has the retail strategies and experience to help your business or retail precinct to grow and prosper.

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