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June 30 2023

A BID for Adelaide

In 2018 a group of dedicated CBD businesses came together to form the Adelaide Business Collective. I have worked with the group as Chair and Secretary for the past 5 years with the aim of forming a BID Pilot in the Adelaide CBD. 

Having worked in the Heart of London BID and conducting onsite research with BIDs in the US, UK and New Zealand I believe the a BID would deliver many benefits to the City centre. We have put our case forward to Council, Government and the business sector to show how successful this best practice business engagement model works in 3000 advanced cities.

July 28 2023

First BID in Sydney

Australia’s first BID will be formed on the Sydney Harbour Waterfront. The NSW Government is working with Council and key property owners to establish a flagship Business Improvement District along the rapidly expanding Sydney Waterfront. 

An important part of the strategy is to provide the learnings from across the world to assist smaller towns to establish BID Pilot programs. The success of overseas BIDs shows that a Pilot program allows the key stakeholders time to establish the BID with private and public sector engagement leading to successful economic outcomes. 


August 25, 2023

UK BIDs show continued growth

Earlier this year I was in some UK Cities that receive the benefits of a proactive Business Improvement District Strategy. Leeds, Norwich, Chester and Bury St Edmunds are wonderful Cities using this very effective best practice strategy. 

I was talking with a Community Safety Officer in Chester CBD and he was explaining that he wanted to become a police officer like his father in future years. I also caught up with Martin Blackwell (Norwich BID) and Mark Cordell CEO of Our Bury St Edmunds BID who was telling me about their priorities including marketing & promotions, events, safe & clean, access and facilities and support for businesses. 

Around 400 businesses working collaboratively. The UK has over 300 Business Improvement Districts and they are proving to be best practice in place management.