Mainstreet Management Book

Successful Retail Strategies

Mainstreet Management , Place Management and best practice Governance is the key success factor needed to deliver results.

The author David West has been working and consulting for mainstreets and shopping centres for 30 years and he has travelled to the UK, USA and NZ to find the best examples of mainstreet management. In the book you will discover how to engage businesses, improve the business mix and effectively promote your mainstreet with practical examples and actions.

“If you are in Local Government, a Business Association or you are a motivated main street trader a consultant or student in Place Management, Economic Development or Retailing, then I recommend you read this book.”     

– Steve Bentley (Past President, Mainstreet Australia)

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Why we need Mainstreet Management short Video

Shopping centres have enjoyed unprecendented levels of success for more that 50 YEARS and in some cases have shifted the heart of the local community away from the MAINSTREET by offering thousands of free car parks, air conditioning and a pristine shopping environment. Using the key concepts within this book, MAINSTREETS and CITY CENTRES are using effective Management and Marketing stategies to strike back against the competition to deliver successful outcomes for the community and their retailers. Mainstreets are the lifeblood of our local community.

Successful Retail Strategies

In this book we show you how to adapt successful strategies used by shopping centres for the benefit of your Mainstreet or City Centre. We provide you with strategies and ways to engage property owners, retailers and Council by developing a collective vision and working towards improving the business environment and customer experience. The book inlcudes practical information about managing Mainstreets and City Centres, including strategies to overcome challenges created by the diverse nature of outdoor and Mainstreet environments. It features examples and case studies from around the world supported by pratical and effective strategies you can apply to benefit your retail precinct.

Key Strategies

• Improving Customer Experience    

• Nurturing a compelling Business Mix

• Active Marketing and Promotion to attract customers

Practical Advice

• Conduct a first impressions audit  

• Assess the business mix to identify gaps

• Implement a strategy to provide resources to deliver effective marketing and events

Book Reviews

"Great Mainstreets don't just happen"

“DAVID WEST helps us understand the critical importance of actively managing Downtowns and Neighbourhood Commercial Districts to create thriving places that draw residents and visitors again and again. His insights and comprehensive MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES BOOK – derived from years of experience in the retail industry – offers a pathway for creating and maintaining healthy Mainstreets in an era of rapid change for retail.”

– Patrice Frey, President and CEO, National Main Street Centre, USA

"Retailing - 'One-Stop' Shop"

” If you are looking for 25 years of knowledge, wisdom and learning about retailing, Mainstreets and shopping strips in a ‘One Stop Shop’ then here it is. DAVID is one of the few people who has worked for private businesses, big shopping centres, local government, small business and as a retail consultant. He has seen it all. Here he clearly and succinctly explains all of the key elements to a successful place. If you are a Local Governmen, a Business Association, a motivated Mainstreet trader, a consultant or a student in Place Management, Economic Development or Retail, then I recommend you read this book.”

– Steve Bentley, Vice President, Mainstreet Australia

Key Messages from the Book

“Baseline service delivery is no longer good enough as customers want more.”

“Who is responsible for the fine details that affect the customer experience?”

“The BID model has proven effective in small business precincts because the collective strength of the businesses is harnessed and the benefits are delivered.”

“Mainstreets have many lessons to learn from the co-ordination and organisation of shopping centres.”

“The task to develop the business mix is one of the most important improvements a precinct can make.”

Shopfront improvement grants can develop the appearance of the mainstreet increasing customer traffic.”

“It is time to take hold of the opportunities created by best practice mainstreet management models in the world including Business Improvement Districts.”

“Businesses benefit from contributing a percentage of their rent/outgoings to a collective marketing fund.”

Chapter Highlights


In Chapter 8 David describes the Best Practice Governance for mainstreets and retail centres.

• Develop better governance structures

• Effective Marketing and Promotional Activities 

Develop Retail Plans

In Chapter 9 David explains how to Create a Better Business Mix by building better partnerships between the private and public sectors

• Develop the ‘optimal’ Business Mix

• Improving the streetscape to enhance the customer experience 

Success Factors

In Chapter 3 David identifies the Key Success Factors that must be managed to achieve the desired results for business and the precinct

• Well resourced management is a key element for success

•  Observing and understanding street dynamics and their impact

Get your copy today
E-book $39.95 AUD
(Hard copy $49.95 AUD+ post)

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